California Governor Signs Bills Restricting Vaccine Exemptions

California Governor Signs Bills Restricting Vaccine Exemptions

Two new California bills will restrict medical exemptions for vaccines that are required for children to attend public or private schools.

Under SB 276, the Department of Public Health will investigate medical exemptions from a doctor who gives out 5 or more in a year. The state will also investigate any school with an overall immunization rate under 95%.

A companion bill, SB 714, would require exemptions to be renewed when a child changes schools, enters kindergarten, or 7th grade.

It would also invalidate any medical exemptions written by a doctor who has been disciplined by the Medical Board of California for any reason — including Dr. Robert Sears, the famed anti-vaccine doctor who has been disciplined for issuing fraudulent vaccine exemptions.

California is one of 3 states that do not allow exemptions from school vaccine requirements for personal, philosophical or religious reasons.

Source: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Vaccine Bill Restricting Medical Exemptions

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